Proposol for experiment

Pseudomorph, or false form, refers to a cloud of mucus-rich ink released by an octopus or squid. To confuse its predators the marine animal produces a decoy, a representation, paints a transient self-portrait in ink, which then quickly dissolves and disappears in the water surrounding them.

A series of water experiments and installations that work with color changing (thermochromic) pigments.

Each aquarium is kept at a certain temperature in which the base fluid is transparent. This fluid contains certain thermochromic pigments that will change color when heated or cooled.
The fluid in the aquarium is pumped through heating and cooling elements before being dropped back into the main aquarium. When the heated or cooled fluid drops back into the main aquarium it will create a colored shape in the water that will slowly disappear when the temperatures even out.
The diffusion patterns create ephemeral shapes that come and go where the temperature difference clashes. Because the color effect changes with the temperature this can run in and endless loop, while normal coloring would get the fluid mixed en oversaturated.

The use of Phosphorescence pigments could make certain parts of the fluid glow in the dark while disappearing again when mixed.

To use this in combination with the techniques used in hydra might be interesting for further research.

To be further researched.

Zoro Feigl (28/5/2019)



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