Studio Zoro Feigl works in Antwerp (B) and Amsterdam (NL)

We work in a diverse team on several projects at the same time. During production it can be hectic, during development it can be quiet, yet always there is somebody working on something.

Studio Zoro Feigl is offering work experience (internships) on projects base or regular practice. We offer technical hands-on-knowledge, means and more in exchange for your effort.
For more information please contact the studio, we welcome all help!  A drivers license is recommended.

Studio Zoro Feigl is Zoro Feigl working in collaboration with a mixed team of interns, friends, family, experts, colleagues and volunteers. We would like to thank them all for their endless time and efforts.

Special thanks to Oscar Peters, Veerle Carlo Van Rossom, Verbeke Foundation, Mondriaan Fund and all other supporters!

All works are courtesy of Studio Zoro Feigl except where noted otherwise.