ABB’s first steps

Robot Love. Zoro Feigl. ABB_s first steps_2. Photo Peter Cox.jpg



A playful balancing act by a robotarm.
This enormous machine balancing itself on a stainlesssteel semi sphere.
When the arm moves, stretches, the balance point of the entire construction shifts which makes the whole machine lean over until it -almost- tips.

The robot seems curious to find its tipping point, searching for the limits of balance without ever really being able to fall over. The machine is playing a children’s game with enormous power and robotic precision.

This project is development by Zoro Feigl for RobotLove. In collaboration with JobArt (construction), DWEN (engineering), IRS Robotics (support) Marcel Kerkmans (software) CE-ARBO (certification).



ROBOT LOVE Zoro Feigl 2

ABB’s first steps are made possible with the generous support of the Mondriaan Foundation, Stichting Niet Normaal, Verbeke Foundation, Stichting De Besturing, IRS Robotics and all of its collaborators.

based on a ABB_IRB 6400R 2.8-200 with S4Cplus controller
specs : max 350cm high, reach of 600cm diameter
Approx weight 4800 kilo (excluding reinforced floor structure.)