ZONVONKENGESPROEI / Sun-spark spraying
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam -> 14 MAY 2022


Poppy doet mee in Trojan Wars van HNTjong en Het Nationaal Theater

Scrollodex op VPRO

Zwermen / Murmuration

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Biënnale Kunstenfestival Aardenburg Tweede editie – Vrijheid Vandaag
Van zaterdag 29 juni tot en met zondag 18 augustus 2019

Met werk van
AARS – Ann Veronica Janssens – Annea Lyvv Dreisz – Ate de Jong Bernd Lohaus – Bob Vanden Broeck – David Claerbout – De Klup Dries Van Laethem – Eli Elise Hoopman – Elly Strik
Fran Van Coppenolle – Frank Keizer – Gijs Milius – Guy Mees
Guy Rombouts – Henk Visch – Idris Sevenans – Jolijn Baeckelandt Karl Philips – Kasper De Vos – Leendert Van Accoleyen
Luc Deleu & T.O.P. office – Maarten Inghels – Nicolas Bal Nienke Baeckelandt – Omer Gielliet – Oscar Peters – Robby Blondbaard Robert Soroko – Ronald Ophuis – Simon Masschelein
Simone Atangana Bekono – Sterling Ruby – Tamara Van San Troebel Neyntje – Vincent Van Meenen – Walter Swennen
Werner de Vos – Zena Van den Block – Zoro Feigl
Samengebracht door Hans Theys
op diverse locaties in Aardenburg (NL) en Middelburg (BE)

KinderKunstWeek 2019

ABB's first steps @ Robotlove


RobotLove @ Campina Melkfabriek
Kanaaldijk-Zuid / Hugo van der Goeslaan
5613 LE Eindhoven – Netherlands

ROBOT LOVE is open from Saturday 15 September to 2 December 2018.

Art Rotterdam

Please be welcome at C&H gallery (stand 44) at ART rotterdam with new works from the conveyor series.

Opening words by Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven

Opening INFINITY by Ingrid van Engelshoven, minister of science, culture & education.




Friday the 12th of January

De Electriciteitsfabriek, Den Haag

Please all be welcome!

ZoroFeigl_Teaser from Nest on Vimeo.

also at the sametime @ NEST, Another Dimension.

Thank you for helping ECHO coming into exsistence!

Studio Zoro loves to thank het Rijksvastgoedbedrijf for the assignment, Movares for the structural design, CEEMO engineering for their hard work, MGTS, Van Bodegraven Elektromotoren, Naaijkens ID, Levtec, DGMR, Height Specialists, BAM and Oscar Peters as many others for their endless effort.

foto by Philip Schuette

foto by Philip Schuette


ECHO is made for the new building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ), the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (IenM), the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) designed by OMA Architects.

Here a video of the work being hoisted up to its final location.

Opening ECHO Rijkskantoor

Nederland, Den Haag, 20171101 Zijne Majesteit de Koning opent het vernieuwde rijkskantoor Rijnstraat 8. Foto: Kick Smeets / Rijksoverheid 2017

Nederland, Den Haag, 20171101
Zijne Majesteit de Koning opent het vernieuwde rijkskantoor Rijnstraat 8.
Foto: Kick Smeets / Rijksoverheid 2017

Nederland, Den Haag, 20171101 Zijne Majesteit de Koning opent het vernieuwde rijkskantoor Rijnstraat 8. Foto: Kick Smeets / Rijksoverheid 2017

Nederland, Den Haag, 20171101
Zijne Majesteit de Koning opent het vernieuwde rijkskantoor Rijnstraat 8.
Foto: Kick Smeets / Rijksoverheid 2017

Echo @ Rijnstraat 8

Opening soon:

Made for the new building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ), the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (IenM), designed by OMA.

Hydra @ Socle du Monde Biennale

Hydra found a permanent place in the garden of the HEART museum Herning, Denmark. Now part of the Socle Du Monde Biennale Hydra wil stay permanently there.

NN Group Art Award

De 4 genomineerde kunstenaars zijn:

Zoro Feigl, C&H gallery, Amsterdam
Chaim van Luit, tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam
Wouter Paijmans, Stigter Van Doesburg, Amsterdam
Florian & Michael Quistrebert, Julliètte Jongma, Amsterdam

De winnaar van de NN Group Art Award zal op de Art Rotterdam pers preview op woensdag 8 februari 12 – 13 uur bekend worden gemaakt.
De prijs bestaat uit een geldprijs en één werk van de 4 genomineerden zal voor de NN Group bedrijfscollectie worden aangekocht.

Daniel Rosenthal voor de Volkskrant

Volkskrant Daniel Rosenthal

Book Launch


17 december 15:00hr @ C&H Gallery Amsterdam

Zoro Feigl – The Mechanics

will be launched with an introduction by Joyce Roodnat

This book has been published by the Verbeke Foundation in their artists books series and will be available there or for ordering online here.


Monolith - 1 juni opening RLS Eelde


Retrospective at Verbeke Foundation

Sunday 17 april 15.00 summer exhibition ‘Bewogen beweging’ with Zoro Feigl and Theo Jansen

A dozen works by Zoro Feigl spanning the last 10 years including several new works.

An overview of the evolution of Theo Jansen’s Strandbeesten.

A book about the work of Zoro Feigl will be presented during the exhibition.

Exhibition from 17 April 2016 till 1 October 2016

Verbeke Foundation
Westakker, 9190 KEMZEKE (Stekene), België

Hydra @ DordtYart

on view again from April 30 onward.

Intersections - Art Rotterdam - Verbeke Foundation

Foto Geert Broertjes

Foto Geert Broertjes

Working in glass at Berengo Studio, Murano


Glass Maestro Silvano Signoretto at work on a new piece for the upcoming show at Dordtyart.

Kunsthal kAde geopend

Foto Mike Bink

Foto Mike Bink

De Loop der Dingen met oa: Fischli & Weiss, Roman Signer, Gerrit van Bakel, Semâ Bekirovic, Zeger Reyers, Berndnaut Smilde, Driessens & Verstappen.

Swingwings installed at Verbeke Foundation

Opening sunday the 15th of November 2015 at the Verbeke foundation.



Educational video for Blikopeners / What the Art?!
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ZERO

first images of Hydra, a new work at the harbour of DordtYart


I was honoured to do the opening speech/performance of the Rietveld Academy Endexam show this year.
For some imagery of the show and my act see trendbeheer.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 21.10.34


Outdoor installation opening the 30th of May, 15:00 at Fort Nieuwersluis as part of Gimme Shelter.

scalemodel swingwings
building swingwings

Hula & Hoop

Two new installations opening at C&H Art Space on Saturday May 30th 18:00

Beneath the Surface - ready for spring

After winter break Beneath the Surface is reinstalled in Molenvijver, Molenpark, Genk, Belgium. Beneath the Surface will be hiding in the pond this whole summer.

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 19.10.00

Art Rotterdam 5-8 feb 2015

Untangling the tides @ Intersections, Trendbeheer Presents, Van Nelle Fabriek
Untangeling the tides

Lightwaves @ Dordtyart Presents, Van Nelle Fabriek

Untangling the tides


Studio Zoro Feigl makes large scale moving installations. We are looking for interns! part- and full-time positions available from mid november onward. Some experience with mechanics or technics is preferred. Not scared of hard work? Rewards in fun, travel, skills, contacts and experience (and a bit of money). Are you able to organise, communicate, produce, make, design or build and willing to learn? Want to join our inspiring bunch? Send your motivation and work experience to studio@zorofeigl.nl

We are especially looking for:
design experience: sketch-up, rhino, drawing etc.
organizing and research skills: sourcing materials, logistic, calculations
building: metal and woodwork, electronics, programming, mechanics, pneumatics
presentation: building on location, fine tuning
documentation: video, photos
administration: mail, finances, budgeting

Studio Zoro Feigl
Klaprozenweg 65G
1032 KK Amsterdam

Haperende Mens at Arti et Amicitae

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 20.27.43

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 20.25.57

haperende mens

vprogids nooitmeerslapen

Beneath the surface

First reactions of some people passing by.


Kids Dancing under Poppy at Verbeke Foundation


In samenwerking met museum De Pont organiseert Kunstpodium T tijdens het Leerling/Meester-project zes interactieve bijeenkomsten in het auditorium van De Pont. Tijdens deze interactieve gesprekken zal er samen met de Meesters dieper worden ingegaan op het kunstenaarschap, creatief ondernemerschap en het leven na de academie aan de hand van actuele thema’s.

vrijdag 25 april 14.30 – 16.00 uur De Pont
Toegang gratis voor museumbezoekers.

Art Brussels with 0GMS

Next week I’ll be at Art Brussels with 0GMS Sofia showing some subtile work inspired by the workers in this video:

Beneath the surface - De Unie

Testing for 'De Unie'
De Unie will show several works spread over Hasselt and Genk in Limburg, Belgium. I’m developing a new work for part of the Molenvijver in the main park of Genk. The work will be revealed in june.


March, April, May 2014 I’ll be working at FLACC workplace in Genk, Belgium.

Art Rotterdam @ Van Nelle


Garage Rotterdam & Art Rotterdam

opbouw garage
Preparations for Garage Rotterdam & Art Rotterdam. Hope to see you at the 30th in Garage or from 5th till 9th at Art Rotterdam at the Van Nelle Factory.

Perpetuum Mobile @ Garage Rotterdam

Perpetuum Mobile is a group exhibition about man’s fascination with the originality of matter. The three participating artists nurture an almost child-like interest in the possibilities presented by their materials.

Movement never starts or ends without reason, just as there is a clear beginning and an end to everything in our life. Doubt is cast on this idea by the artists in this exhibition. They seem rather to be involved in a search for eternal movement: the ancient concept, so loved by scientists and philosophers, of the ‘perpetuum mobile’.

With Zoro Feigl, Tim Hoefnagels, Peter Zegveld.

Garage Rotterdam, Opening 31-01-2014 20:00

Being Beijing

I’ll be working in Beijing till the end of January 2014, researching the flocking of birds and schooling of fish.

Living Sculptures

Arti will be showing ‘Pressurizing’ during Museumnight.
Living Sculptures, 2 Nov 2013, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam


DordtYart Werft

Unfortunatly I couldn’t make it to the opening, but last Sunday DordtYart Werft opened in the Dordrechts Museum. And while you are there to see my work, check out the price winning works of Frank Ammerlaan in the same museum!


Dutch protest in Moscow

Last week I was in Moscow with colleague and friend Vincent Boschma. In order to support our suppressed gay friends in Russia we made a rainbow projection with a home-made donut-shaped prism.


Casa Luna Radio1

Last Friday I was talking with Klaas Drupsteen on Radio1 about art and life. Listen here to the talk, in Dutch.

Into the great wide open

A flock of kites on a single string. Ongoing experiment, here on the beach of Vlieland during Into the great wide open.



On Fresh Soil

A group exhibition around getting rid of one and reshaping into something new.
Composed with Suzanne Kooi, Kaleb de Groot, Sajoscha Talirz and Myself. For more information visit W139.


Tianji Zhao and me organised a night of street interventions in the hutongs of Beijing. With 22 Chinese and international artists a walk through the night was filled with surreal interventions and performances. Some small and hardly noticeable others unavoidable. See the website of Sayizheng for more information. Below two images of a series of tiny light projections I installed through the hutongs.